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Battle for the front seat giving you a headache? Tips & tricks to combat sibling rivalry

27 Jul 2022

If you’ve ever wondered what causes sibling rivalry, or what on earth you can do about it as a parent, we sat down with nib’s resident parenting expert, Nathan Wallis to get his answers to your biggest questions.


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Pre-existing conditions? We choose fairness, not fear.

27 Jul 2022

If you’re worried about your health history, we’re here to help. Find out how nib handles pre-existing conditions now.

Could you be silently suffering from endometriosis?

26 Jul 2022

If you’re experiencing pain that stops you from doing everyday activities, this could point toward a condition called endometriosis – and it too frequently goes undiagnosed. Debilitating pain isn’t normal, and it’s important that you seek help. Learning what to look for and how endometriosis may differ from what’s normal is the first step.

The public system — Health insurance can bridge the gap

05 Jul 2022

See the benefits of private health insurance in a system that offers free public healthcare and how it can help bridge certain gaps.

Download nib Go! Magazine Issue 7 2022

17 Jun 2022

Read the latest edition of Go! Magazine

Flu vaccinations in 2022 – what you need to know

09 May 2022

A guide to getting the flu vaccine in 2022.

The eye-watering costs of non-PHARMAC drugs

21 Feb 2022

Imagine being in need of a life-saving or life-extending drug that could set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars a year because it wasn’t government funded. The reality is that many Kiwis face challenges like this every year.

Nathan Wallis - Supporting your child through periods of grief

18 Feb 2022

Dealing with any kind of loss or grief is never easy – especially for a child or teen when emotions can run particularly high. And as a parent, supporting your child through these difficult times can prove to be one of the biggest challenges.

Non-PHARMAC 101: What you need to know

28 Jan 2022

No one should have to choose between possible financial hardship and potentially life-saving medical treatment, but that’s the decision currently facing thousands of Kiwis who need access to medications that are not funded by PHARMAC.

How to navigate your teen’s mental health

14 Dec 2021

Grumpy. Moody. Emotional. How often would you use these terms to describe your teenager? It’s understandable - raising a teen is no easy feat!

'Tis the season to be Jolly: managing employee wellbeing into the holidays

13 Dec 2021

Here are some ways you can help your team navigate the festive season, so they can thrive over the holiday season and beyond.

Download nib Go! Magazine, Issue 6 | Summer 2021-2022

02 Dec 2021

Support the health and wellbeing of your staff today.

Non-PHARMAC 101: What you need to know

18 Oct 2021

Prioritising the health and wellbeing of your employees means giving them peace of mind that they’ll be covered even when the worst happens. To help you get your head around the PHARMAC system, and how you can make sure your team is covered, check out our Q&A here.

Download nib Go! Magazine Issue 5 | Winter 2021

17 Aug 2021

Check out the latest edition of Go! Magazine.

6 things you may not KNOW about health cover

11 Aug 2021

Private health insurance is known to take care of major medical expenses and help cut down on wait times for treatments and consultations, but with nib’s health select insurance policies*, you could be covered for so much more. To help you get up to speed, we’ve highlighted six lesser-known benefits* that make health insurance worth every cent when you come on board with us!

What to watch out for with bowel cancer

22 Jun 2021

Also known as colorectal cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer or commonly referred to as the ‘silent killer’, bowel cancer occurs when small growths called polyps form on the wall of the bowel and turn cancerous.

Your COVID-19 vaccine questions answered

16 Apr 2021

We need vaccines to help bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control and get us back to a new normal, but you might have some questions about it. With vaccinations already being rolled out in New Zealand, we aim to answer your most common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Debunking 7 top myths about COVID-19 vaccines

15 Apr 2021

There’s so much information about the COVID-19 vaccine circulating that, at times, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction, especially with some false information spreading quickly and widely on social media. So, with the help of nib Group Health & Chief Medical Officer Dr Mellissa Naidoo, we’re debunking some of the biggest COVID-19 vaccine myths.

Money talk – tips for having tough financial conversations with your kids

02 Dec 2020

Many Kiwi families have experienced changes to their financial situation this year, as the economic impact of COVID-19 has seen many affected by reduced hours, pay-cuts and (in some cases) job losses. In fact, findings from our second annual State of the Nation Parenting Survey showed that 42% of parents had seen their financial situation worsen as a result of COVID-19, including 10% who said it had gotten a lot worse.

Tips to support children through exam-time stress

16 Nov 2020

Assignments, exams and assessments are all part and parcel of school life, but for many children they can be a massive cause of stress and anxiety. And for those coming up to formal exams this month, in the wake of a highly unusual and disrupted 2020 school year, this stress may be even more acute.

How to effectively manage behavioural issues in your children

16 Nov 2020

78% of parents surveyed indicate their children experienced at least one change in behaviour or health that lasted two weeks or longer in 2020. The COVID-19 lockdowns will have seen many routines and rituals be interrupted this year. Routines offer predictability, which is vitally important to children’s mental health and wellbeing – so when routines are disturbed, it can have a real impact on their behaviour.

The top wellbeing technology trends HR managers should know

02 Nov 2020

At the heart of every thriving business is happy and healthy employees. Not only is looking after your employees the right thing to do, but a healthy workplace is also proven to increase job satisfaction, improve staff productivity and reduce absenteeism. Technology plays a fundamental role in many areas of a business, and its ability to boost employee wellbeing is increasing - fast. By encouraging healthy lifestyles and habits, wellbeing technology can improve employee health, monitor vital signs and alert for any issues.

Nathan Wallis Q&A: Your parenting questions during lockdown

14 Aug 2020

As Kiwi families face life in lockdown again, some parents and caregivers may be experiencing new (or familiar!) challenges with their tamariki (children). Our parenting expert Nathan Wallis shares his advice on how to tackle the most common issues.

Flu vaccinations in 2020 – what you need to know

25 Jun 2020

Director-General of Health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, is urging New Zealander’s to get the flu vaccine in 2020. Influenza is more than just a bad cold. Flu vaccines can protect us against the dangers of this virus. We’ve answered some of your most common questions, below.

MIGS: The New Revolution in Glaucoma Surgery

12 Mar 2020

nib health insurance covers Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) in Standard Hospital and Premium Hospital policies.

How to break up with your bad habits?

23 Dec 2019

If you know something is bad for you, why can’t you just stop? Kicking bad habits to the kerb is not an easy task, but not impossible either.

5 reasons Kiwis use an online direct delivery pharmacy service

23 Oct 2019

Jill’s is not the only story that will inspire you to make the switch to an online direct delivery pharmacy service.

New Zealand wellness retreats for a healthy holiday

16 Jul 2019

Feel like you might need a break from everyday life? If so, have you ever considered hitting the restart button at a rejuvenating health and wellness retreat? We sure have.

7 things you could do with nib Standard and Premium health insurance cover (but probably don’t)

27 Jun 2019

If you only look at your nib health cover when you have to make a medical or hospital claim, you could be missing out.

Baby steps – tips for first-time parents

25 Jun 2019

When it comes to being a first-time parent, the age-old adage ‘expect the unexpected’ probably sums it up best. While we’re all different and everyone eventually develops their own style of parenting, there’s one thing all parents have in common – when the baby first arrives, it’s all new for both of you.

How to claim

30 May 2019

Whether you have health insurance for everyday things that help you stay healthy, like seeing the dentist or physio, or have more comprehensive hospital cover for ‘just in case’, it’s good to know that with nib, your health cover is there when you need it. So if you do need to use your cover, we’re glad we can support your better health – and we want to make it easy for you to claim (it’s how it should be).

Less than 5 minutes to improve your mental wellbeing. Here’s how…

27 Jul 2022

Are you struggling to cope with changing life circumstances? nib mental health nurse, Jo Baja, shares top tips for helping you feel more Zen in as little as five minutes!


Health and wellbeing

Protecting against sport-related concussions

14 Jul 2022

Safety in Sports - Protecting against sport-related concussions.

Six golden rules to boost your immune system

15 Jun 2022

Prioritising healthy habits and ways of living can boost our immunity and overall wellbeing. Here are our top six tips for healthy living and immunity boosting in the winter months.

Debunking five common sun safety myths

14 Dec 2021

Whatever your skin colour, you need to protect yourself from the sun.

The health mistakes made by millennials

26 Jul 2021

If you were born from 1980 to 1999 you’re officially a millennial, one of the most debated-about generations. The subject of many studies, millennials often cop a bad rap by older generations; even though when it comes to health, millennials are exercising more, eating healthier and drinking less than the generations before. Despite this, there’s still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to the health of millennials, if these five health mistakes are anything to go by.

Tips to fight the winter blues

09 Jun 2021

With shorter days and gloomy weather, it’s normal for winter months to make us feel a bit down. Beat the winter blues with our top wellness tips.

Osteo vs chiro vs physio: Who should you see?

22 Apr 2021

If you’ve been dealing with some aches and pains - whether that’s a sore back caused by working from home or a pulled hamstring after exercising - it may be time for you to see a health professional to get it sorted. But when you’ve got different recommendations thrown your way, how do you know which option is best to help manage your condition?

Flu vaccinations in 2021 – what you need to know

16 Apr 2021

Getting the flu vaccine is one of the best ways to ward off colds and stay healthy over the flu season. It’s important to get immunised, as it not only helps to protect your own health, but also prevents the spread of the virus to the community.

Is looking after your eye health, getting overlooked?

04 Mar 2021

If you’ve ever wondered how much eye treatments cost in New Zealand - we’ve got you! Check out this article where we break down the costs, plus a guide on when you and your family should have your eyes checked.

Loneliness and isolation – Lifeline’s top tips

08 Dec 2020

Lifeline Aotearoa’s Senior Clinical Advisor, Dr Fiona Pienaar shares how to spot the signs of loneliness and isolation and shares some top tips.

Supplements and vitamins – separating fact from fiction

15 May 2019

Whether it’s a multivitamin with breakfast or a chug of protein powder before breaking a sweat at the gym, chances are you’ve tried a supplement at some point in your life. There are a whole cabinet’s worth of pills and potions out there that claim to keep your joints healthy, fight disease, increase cognitive ability and more, but are these products really all they’re cracked up to be?

Less could be more: Five fitness trends to try

12 Apr 2019

The fitness industry continues to explode with each passing year and when it comes to keeping healthy, the latest trends show a handful of new training techniques mixed with a couple of classics. Consider yourself a bit of a trend-setter? Here’s what the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) predicted would be 2019’s top fitness trends. What trends have you tried? It’s not too late to get sweating!

How to get healthy on a budget?

12 Apr 2019

Before you spend a fortune on fitness trackers, personal trainers, activewear, chia or supplements, follow these steps to getting healthy without breaking the bank. All you really need to get on the road to better health is a balanced diet and 30 minutes of exercise at least five times per week.

Add a decade to your life with these five tips

13 Mar 2019

The secret to living longer lies not just in your genes, but your environment and lifestyle choices according to a Harvard study.

This is what it takes to age healthily through every stage of life

20 Feb 2019

While ageing is inevitable, it doesn’t need to be a negative thing. By adopting healthy habits, being aware of the changes that occur in our bodies and acting upon them, most of us have the power to age healthily.

Ever been sick on holiday? Here’s why (and tips to avoid it)

18 Jul 2018

You’ve been counting down the days to your holiday, trying to figure out how much stuff you can fit in your carry-on luggage and planning how you’re going to get to the airport when BOOM, your body chooses this moment to get a full on cold. Or even worse, you’ve just arrived in a new city ready to explore everything it has to offer and you’re struck by some illness. Whilst there isn’t any hard evidence to prove we’re more likely to get sick on holiday, chances are it has happened to you, or at the very least to one of your friends or family members. Here at nib we have a few ideas as to what is to blame for these inconvenient illnesses.

How to know if you need glasses?

12 Apr 2018

Glasses are a popular fashion accessory these days, but most people wear them to see clearly rather than look trendy. Ignoring the warning signs that you may need glasses isn’t a good idea. You could end up causing damage to your eyes or injuring yourself and others because you can’t see properly.

Nathan Wallis - How to recognise and manage your child’s health concerns

17 Dec 2021

Raising healthy children is a top priority for any parent. But when it comes to figuring out if your child has any health or developmental issues, it can be stressful if you’re not sure what signs to look out for.

Parenting tips and resources

How to deal with cyberbullying – whether your child is a victim or perpetrator

03 Dec 2021

With bullying increasingly happening behind a screen , it can be even more difficult to keep track of. In fact, our nib 2021 State of the Nation Parenting Survey uncovered that 68% of Kiwi parents were concerned about their child being a victim of online bullying, and 50% were concerned about their child being a perpetrator.

Tips to maximise the time you spend with your kids

09 Jul 2021

As parents, it can be a constant struggle to balance the time you have for work, chores, exercise, hobbies, yourself - and your kids. It’s also all too common to experience that sense of guilt and worry that comes with feeling like you aren’t spending enough time with them. But how can we tackle this? Here are five tips to make the most of the time you do have with your kids, all while juggling your busy schedule.

Nathan Wallis – Why confidence is an important contributor to your child’s learning

13 May 2021

Find out why it’s not just about what your child learns, but how they learn, plus some top tips from nib parenting expert, Nathan Wallis

How to manage your kid’s screen time and social media use

15 Jan 2021

Technology, social media and digital devices are now part of our everyday lives – and during a year which saw us spending more time indoors and juggling working from home with parenting, you may have found yourself leaning on them more than usual to keep your kids occupied. For anyone who has struggled with the impact these technologies have on their children, it may be welcome news to know you’re not alone.

Bedtime 101 – Top tips to help kids get a good night’s sleep.

03 Dec 2020

If you’ve ever felt concern over your children’s sleeping patterns or habits, you’re not alone. Our second annual State of the Nation Parenting Survey found sleep to be one of the top three health concerns Kiwi parents have for their children, with 31% of respondents having experienced worry over issues such as kids getting too much or too little sleep, or having disrupted sleeping patterns.

Nathan Wallis – Why the first 1,000 days are most important for your child’s development

27 Nov 2020

The first 1,000 days of existence (from conception to a child’s second birthday) have a large impact on a child’s development. In the early days, a baby’s genes interact with the environment to determine what kind of brain is needed for the rest of their life. To maximise the first 1,000 days of your child’s life and give them the best foundations for their future, here are my top parenting tips:

Nathan Wallis – Tips for working parents: Maximising quality one on one time with your child

27 Nov 2020

Struggling to spend quality time with kids? Parenting expert Nathan Wallis shares tips on how working parents can fit in more one on one time with kids.

Nathan Wallis - how to initiate play based learning

06 Oct 2020

Nathan Wallis, nib parenting expert, explains how a child’s attitude to learning underpins their future outcomes and how this can be developed through play based learning.

6 Lunch Box Snacks that are Junk Food in Disguise

28 Jan 2020

Good nutrition is linked to better concentration and behaviour so it’s important to fuel your kids with nutritious snacks. However, not all lunch box snacks, which portray themselves as ‘healthy’, are the best option. nib highlight six deceivingly unhealthy snacks and superior alternatives.

Getting your child ready for the first day of school

15 Jan 2020

It’s a big milestone to see your little one starting school and nerves will probably be running high in the weeks leading up to the big event - for both you and your child. A new environment and people, as well as fear of the unknown, can lead to worry and social anxiety for your child. However, if you plan well and prepare your child for school, the journey can be a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Do children need to wear sunglasses?

25 Jul 2019

Sunglasses are so much more than an adorable fashion accessory for kids. Slathering your child with sunscreen and popping on a hat is standard practice for many parents. But, do your children wear sunglasses and have you ever wondered if they need to? The answer is yes. So let’s look at some ‘eye-opening’ facts as to why they should:

nib parenting survey: NZ parents’ big concerns in raising children

09 Jul 2019

We’re excited to release insights from our inaugural State of the Nation Parenting Survey, taking a comprehensive look into the concerns and trends facing parents in New Zealand today.

Child Mental Health: Tips for NZ Parents

08 Jul 2019

“Mental health” is among New Zealand parents’ biggest concerns. This article highlights many of the resources available.

Parent Resource: Making the most of quality time with your kids

08 Jul 2019

Parenting can often be a 24/7 job. So, when you have a multitude of other things to juggle (whether that's work, friends, health and fitness, or “me time”) on top of spending time with the kids, how does that impact our perceptions of how well we’re parenting?

Dealing with your child’s anxiety around exam time

08 Jul 2019

50% of parents with children between Years 9-10 thought their child felt at least a moderate amount of stress around school assessments.

When and how to have the sex talk with your kids

08 Jul 2019

‘The birds and the bees’ isn’t always the most comfortable chat to have with your kids, but it’s an important part of life and a critical part of preparing them for the future.

The tweens and teens survival guide

13 Mar 2019

Ticking off developmental milestones is exciting for every parent. But as the dreaded teenage years start to approach, it’s natural to start feeling a little trepidation.

Diabetes 101 - nutrition quiz with the Blues

20 Nov 2020

The treatment of New Zealand’s diabetes epidemic, which affects more than 250,000 Kiwis, costs our country an estimated 11% of its total health budget each and every year.

 Nutrition 1

nib in the community

Diabetes 101 with The Blues

13 Nov 2020

Right now, there are more than a quarter of a million New Zealanders living with diabetes – a group of chronic conditions that impact your body’s ability to control blood sugar levels.

Tech hacks to make life a little easier

23 Oct 2019

Looking for ways to make everyday life a little less tricky and your daily routines simpler? These popular mobile apps could be just what you need.

Nathan Wallis - What to know as an expectant parent

28 Jul 2022

New and expectant parents often have questions and concerns in the lead up to meeting their little one(s). For some practical advice, we’ve enlisted the help of our resident parenting expert, Nathan Wallis, to share the ABCs of new parenthood.


Workplace wellness

The benefits of workplace health insurance

13 Apr 2022

Championing workforce wellbeing isn’t just the right thing to do, it can also be a good formula for business success. Read some of the ways that health insurance could positively affect your business, as well as the overall health and wellbeing of your employees!

Should your business adopt a more flexible way of working?

20 Jul 2021

An increasing number of businesses are moving away from the 'traditional' nine to five, Monday to Friday schedule. Want to know if your business should adopt a more flexible way of working to improve the wellbeing of your staff? Check out these examples of innovative working arrangements and their benefits.

How to support workplace wellbeing for remote employees

28 May 2021

With more time spent working remotely, supporting your employees and their wellbeing when they’re not in the same workspace can be difficult. Want to ensure your team stays connected? Check out these tips.

Helping your employees stay heart healthy

15 Feb 2021

It’s Heart Awareness Month, so encourage your team to take care of their heart health, whether that’s reminding them to book in for a check-up or promoting healthy lifestyle habits such as good nutrition and exercise. Check out our tips to help your employees stay heart healthy.

Tips for helping employees start the New Year off on a healthy foot

25 Jan 2021

For many of us, a new calendar year marks a fresh start. For other staff, the transition back to work isn’t so smooth. So to start the New Year off on the right foot, find out how you can support your employees as they transition back to work and can help them feel enthused for the year ahead.

Where traditional workplace wellbeing programmes fall short – and what you can do about it

02 Mar 2020

Popular traditional approaches to wellbeing can often fall short, so what can organisations do to address those challenges?

How to stay healthy, even at work

03 Sep 2018

Did you know that New Zealand has the third highest obesity rate in the OECD? If we want to reduce this rate, we need to be taking proactive steps to look after our health. Eating the right foods, getting enough exercise and taking care of our mental wellbeing should be a central part of our daily routines.

Glenn’s journey back to back health

10 Feb 2021

This is the story of long-time nib member, Glenn, and his journey to being free from back pain with nib’s Healthier Joints Pain Management programme.

Future of healthcare

Dental care too expensive? It doesn’t have to be

04 Feb 2021

In New Zealand, basic dental care is available free-of-charge for eligible children up to the age of 18. This helps set the stage for positive habits into adulthood, encouraging people to take a proactive approach to oral health by driving home the importance of looking after your teeth. Unfortunately, the cost of dental treatment for adults in New Zealand can be prohibitive for a lot of people, and many Kiwis opt to put up with bad (and painful) teeth rather than pay to visit a dentist.

The easiest way to fill your script - online

31 Jul 2020

In a world where you turn to Google for almost everything, going online for your prescription medicine seems only natural.

Tech that can help you manage your health today

29 Aug 2019

In this ‘anytime, anywhere’, ‘always-on’, ’there’s an app for that’ information age, the opportunity for digital health management has never been easier.

Some of the biggest flu vaccine questions answered

25 Jul 2019

When the flu can hit you like a bus and leave you out of action for weeks, it’s best to be prepared. So if you didn’t get the flu jab this winter, you might be curious why it’s so important.

How to fight the flu this winter

21 May 2019

We’re officially in the clutches of the cooler weather here in New Zealand, with the fresh temperatures bringing the inevitable sniffles, scratchy throats and throbbing headaches. We all know the traditional methods to beat the bugs, but experts are discovering new, and slightly peculiar ways you could flu-proof yourself this season.

Six ways you can benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture

15 May 2019

As patients look beyond the walls of traditional western medicine to help with ailments and prevent diseases, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is becoming a popular option with many.

Commonly asked questions about pre-existing conditions

15 May 2019

Many people believe that having a pre-existing medical condition will mean you either can’t get health insurance or that you’ll pay huge premiums. But the good news is, this isn’t the case.

Why do we have wisdom teeth? Do they always need extraction?

17 Apr 2019

From silly to wise, these are some of the most commonly asked questions about wisdom teeth removal.

Why these everyday subtle symptoms shouldn’t be taken lightly

13 Mar 2019

I thought it was just random sweats,” says 29-year-old Melissa*. “If I had gone to a doctor earlier than four years with my symptoms, I may have had a better chance to conceive today via IVF.”

What to know and do about some common illnesses

18 Jul 2018

For any health-related concern, just ask Dr Google, right? But with the wealth of information available on the internet, finding what is relevant and (most importantly) factually correct can be difficult. From chicken pox to haemorrhoids, we’ve summarised everything you need to know about conditions commonly searched for online by New Zealanders. Read on for what to look out for and what you should do if you think you are coming down with something.

Provider portal - Login troubleshooting guide

15 Jun 2022

A quick guide on how to resolve your login issues

Untitled design (1)

COVID-19 support for members

03 Nov 2021

In these uncertain times, our priority is making sure our members continue to stay safe and healthy by being here to support you. To assist you, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions.

Mental Health cover

15 Oct 2021

12 months complementary cover to support your wellbeing, for members with an eligible Ultimate Health or Ultimate Health Max policy.

Download nib Go! Magazine Issue 4 | Summer 2020-2021

04 Dec 2020

In this latest edition of nib Go! Magazine, we explore the many ways organisations have adapted to support their new-look flexible workforce – delving into the WFH debate, providing tips to promote shift worker wellbeing, and looking at the changing face of workforce management.

15kgs lost! A tired and busy mum’s not so easy journey to weight loss

13 Mar 2019

Eating well, exercising and caring for yourself can get low on the priority list for new mums - just ask one.

The dirty secrets of your reusable drink bottles

20 Feb 2019

Investing in a reusable drink bottle is a great idea for the environment and to keep yourself hydrated.

Pregnancy myths and truths

20 Feb 2019

From parenting books to friends and family, everywhere you turn there are dos and don’ts around pregnancy and newborns.

Signs of work stress and what you can do about it

25 Jan 2019

If it feels like Monday every day or that you’re being pushed over the edge, stop and act. Take care of yourself before you take care of your to-do list.

Feel the burn? Tips for sun-safe skin all year round

25 Jan 2019

Soaking up the sun is one of the best things about a Kiwi summer. But it goes without saying that the sun in general, and the New Zealand sun in particular, needs to be treated with the utmost respect.

New Zealand and the rise of robotic surgery

18 Dec 2018

Robot-assisted surgery has already opened up a realm of possibilities in New Zealand. We look into the rise of automation in the operating theatre and ask the question - will these mechanical surgeons ever be able to work as well as a human surgeon?

A visit to the dentist costs what?!

18 Dec 2018

Leave the dentist’s chair and the pain you feel can double by the time you hit reception. That filling costs how much?! Many have to grit their teeth at the sight of whopping dentist bills, but thanks to nib, preserving your pearly whites doesn’t have to break the bank.

First Aid of the future

18 Dec 2018

As the revolutionary technology in our healthcare system continues to improve efficiency and accuracy for patients, it’s only fitting that the home first aid kit tucked away in the cupboard above the fridge has a modern makeover too. Let’s take a peek inside the first aid kit of the future.

Need a sick note? Visit a doctor online

10 Dec 2018

Whether you live down the street from a doctor or you’re miles away, without having to leave home, you can now attend an appointment via videoconferencing thanks to telehealth. Telehealth is a way you can get advice, discuss health concerns and even receive a prescription or sick note from a health professional without the burden of regular travel - which can be difficult, especially for those living in rural areas.

Get to know the New Zealand health system

07 Nov 2018

Navigating the New Zealand healthcare system can be confusing. So whether you’re new to the country, or not, this guide will help explain how to use the public healthcare system and answer some questions you might have.

What’s the difference between your generic and branded medicines?

07 Nov 2018

It’s the question we’ve all been asked at one time or another when picking up medicine at the local pharmacist. While many of us pick the cheaper generic option, you’ve probably wondered whether there really is a difference between the branded and generic versions.

The land of the long white cloud... and the long waiting list

07 Nov 2018

Ever wondered about the cost of major surgery and waiting times to see a surgeon in NZ?

The app you need in an emergency

07 Nov 2018

It’s a common fear, especially for those with medical conditions or those who live alone – ‘If I’m unconscious or unable to speak, how can I let the emergency team know my medical information?’

What social media is really doing to your brain

07 Nov 2018

We’ve all been there. It’s 2am, you have work in the morning but you’re lying in bed staring at your smartphone discovering on Facebook what Friends character you are while checking out Instagram travel snaps of places you know you can’t afford to visit.

What are the different types of doctors and medical professionals?

07 Nov 2018

The world of healthcare can sometimes be confusing, and it can be hard to know who to call for what or even what health professionals may be able to do to improve your wellbeing.

Doctors, A & E and hospitals

07 Nov 2018

New to New Zealand and a little befuddled by the medical system? Or not sure who to call or where to go when feeling unwell? Here's what you need to know.

Babies, toddlers and children – childhood milestones to expect

07 Nov 2018

Watching children develop has got to be one of the wonders of parenthood. From the first smile, to those initial steps and starting school, let’s explore some key milestones typical of life’s first decade.

Five simple tips for happy, healthy kids

17 Oct 2018

Our children come into this life full of hope and infinite promise, but without proper structures in place that help create positive habits for their future, much of that potential can go unfulfilled.

The holiday checklist - active holidays with the kids

17 Oct 2018

Planning a family holiday is both exciting and, let’s be honest, difficult. You may want to explore the art museums and historical sites of Europe, while your kids have their hearts set on heading to the Gold Coast and spending every day at a different theme park. That’s why nib has created some suggestions for active family holidays that everyone will love. With incredible experiences close to home as well as once-in-a-lifetime holidays abroad, there’s an option for every family.

Tweens, teens and teenagers – the milestones you can expect

17 Oct 2018

Ticking off developmental milestones is an exciting time for any parent. As kids transition from young tweens into teenagers ready for adulthood, there are lots of changes (and perhaps a few challenges) you can expect. Bear in mind, there is no definitive growing-up guideline, and this is just a general outline of a child’s development. For individual advice, consult your local GP.

Simple hacks to save a healthy $111 this week and every week

17 Oct 2018

Get our clever cost-cutting fact sheet to help you unlock the healthy savings on your weekly food spend. With some crafty cutbacks we know you can save you and your family over $5,500 per year and feel all the better for it. Just think what you could do with that little windfall.

How healthy are you really?

17 Oct 2018

88% of Kiwis reckon their health is “good, very good or excellent” , but the stats suggest otherwise.

Seven New Zealand bucket list experiences

25 Sep 2018

It’s the age old dilemma; you want to live life large, but you simply don’t have the budget for a first-class flight to Europe. At nib, we believe that travel is good for the soul, so we’ve put together a Kiwi’s ultimate bucket list.

Why do I need health insurance in New Zealand?

06 Sep 2018

If you’re a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand then you’re eligible for a range of publicly funded healthcare services.

Dr Lance O'Sullivan Q&A

06 Sep 2018

Read about Dr Lance O'Sullivan's thoughts on healthcare in New Zealand.

Five tips for getting a good night’s sleep

24 Aug 2018

It’s common knowledge that sleep is incredibly important to maintaining a healthy life. When we are asleep, our body gets a chance to rest, repair and heal from the activities and stresses of everyday life. However, many of us are not getting the recommended seven to nine hours per night.

Getting the family fit and healthy together

24 Aug 2018

A recent nationwide health study found that around one in eight children (12%) aged two-14 years are obese, and a further 21% are overweight. And young Kiwi kids aren’t the only concern – the same study found a shocking 32% of Kiwis over the age of 15 are obese, and a further 34% are overweight.

Can pets make you sick?

14 Aug 2018

Our furry friends form part of our families, sharing our beds and couches and occupying a huge space in our hearts. But our darling pets can introduce more than companionship into our lives. We’re talking injuries and illness… Whether you’ve already got a fur baby or are thinking of welcoming one into your home, here are some nasties to look out for and, more importantly, tips to keep your beloved pet and family safe.

How much is dental insurance in NZ?

24 Jul 2018

In New Zealand basic dental care is free and available up until the age of 18 for eligible children. This can set the stage for adults to have a healthy relationship with their dentist and drives home the importance of looking after your teeth.

Make being healthy your life’s work.

05 Jul 2018

Short of winning the lottery or discovering some generous great-uncle who’s included you in his will, getting a job and mapping out your future is an inescapable fact of life. It’d be nice to think, though, that the career you choose would be as good for your sense of wellbeing and happiness as it’ll be for your bank balance. We’ve done a bit of digging to uncover some of the healthiest jobs out there and some of the un-healthiest. In creating the list, we’ve looked at jobs that help you exercise, eat well, get outdoors or cater for activities associated with good mental health. Most are not unexpected, but there are others that caught us a little by surprise.

Tips for international students living in New Zealand

04 Jul 2018

If you’re an international student who has chosen to study in New Zealand, you probably already know that you’re in a country of opportunity with lots of exciting experiences available. But as with moving to any new country, when you first arrive you might feel a lot of stress and uncertainty. Getting used to the culture, finding somewhere to live and even figuring out how to get around can be very difficult when you’re not used to a new city. This combined with starting a new course of study means that you usually don’t have a lot of time to fully organise your life. One of the things that’s easy to forget about during busy times is making sure that your health is taken care of. That’s why the team at nib have put together some tips to make sure that you look after your health and ensure that you’re able to enjoy everything New Zealand has to offer while you’re studying here.

The insider’s guide to saving $$$ on your health cover

04 Jul 2018

Getting the private health insurance cover you and your family need isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of thing. By fine-tuning your cover to suit your circumstances, you can make private health insurance as effective and affordable as possible. First though, it pays to ask yourself a few key questions. Like:

You may not think you need private health insurance. Until you do.

04 Jul 2018

If you’re thinking about private health insurance, but aren’t sure whether you really need it right now, here are five things you might want to consider.

Fit, strong, lean and healthy? There’s an app for that!

04 Jul 2018

Want to find out about local festivals? There’s an app for that! Need to take notes in a hurry? There’s an app for that! Want to boost your health and fitness? Yep, there’s an app for that too!

Six ways to #adult better

04 Jul 2018

There are heaps of moments that make life incredible - like heading off overseas to fill your Instagram with travel pics, getting your mates together for a road trip, or discovering that amazing new dumpling place or coffee spot before anybody else. But to make time for the fun to happen, you need to sort out your life-admin – which is why we’ve put together six #adulting tips to help:

Five tips to boost your energy and bring your A-game

26 Jun 2018

If you find yourself hitting energy rock-bottom halfway through your day - here are five tips to boost your energy and bring your A-game.