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Member stories

See how our members make the most of their health insurance.

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Katrina's Story

Katrina experienced support from nib first-hand after an aneurysm was found on her brain during a hospital visit. Feeling overwhelmed after her diagnosis, Katrina wasn’t sure what the next steps would be. Our Wellness Coaches were able to help Katrina with the next stages of her healthcare journey, offering ongoing personalised support.

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The Blues player’s stories

Knowing you have someone in your corner if your health takes a turn is crucial. nib’s ‘In Your Corner’ series explores how we support professional Kiwi sports teams to perform at their best.

Hear from Harry Plummer, Karl Tu’inukuafe and Tom Robinson from the Blues rugby team about how, in their experience, nib cover gave them peace of mind that they’d get the nib covered treatment they needed quickly so they could get back to playing the sport they love.

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Glenn’s story

Glenn took part in nib's Healthier Joints Pain Management programme after crippling back pain forced him to give up his passion of trout fishing, and in his own words, “it changed everything”.

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Angelina’s story

“It’s wonderful…huge peace of mind.” After losing her sister to a brain tumour, health insurance has given Angelina the confidence that she can access the care she needs, when she needs it.

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Katie’s story

“I had just literally finished a half marathon the weekend before I was diagnosed.” When fit and healthy mum Katie received a shock breast cancer diagnosis, her nib insurance eliminated one major stress from the whole situation.

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Jessica’s story

“My experience with claiming via the nib app is flawless.” The convenience of being able to claim on the go is perfect for Jessica’s busy and fast-paced lifestyle, making it quick and easy to take care of her health.

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Helen’s story

“I’ve been an nib customer for nearly 20 years… it’s been really invaluable”. Helen’s health is central to her active and adventurous lifestyle – and having nib behind her every step of the way has allowed her to stay well and get on with life.