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What To Know As Expecting Parents - Nathan Wallis

28 Jul 2022

New and expectant parents often have questions and concerns in the lead up to meeting their little one(s). It’s a time of anticipation and excitement, as most want to be the best parent possible. These thoughts are completely valid as the move into parenthood is no small feat.

Expectant parents tend to receive an overload of advice, so it’s really useful to know what’s essential to guide and support you through this journey.

One of the most important things to understand is that child development is unique, it’s not a race so there’s no need to compare your child’s progression to anyone else.

Because becoming a parent is such a shift from your previous routine, don’t be afraid to lean on your support networks in times of need. Antenatal classes, community parent groups, friends and family are all great resources, so don’t be hesitant to make use of them where available.

For some practical advice for new parents, we’ve enlisted the help of our resident parenting expert, Nathan Wallis, to share the ABCs of new parenthood.

Nathan Wallis is a Neuroscience Educator, nib health insurance parenting expert and regular media commentator. He hosts sold-out learning events for parents up and down the country (and abroad), talking to different stages of child development – including the first 1000 days - and how parents can support their children in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.