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Support for nib Members

20 Feb 2023

Support for our nib members

Support for members

Retaining your health cover when things are financially tough

The recent weather events are causing disruption throughout the motu. If you’re currently experiencing financial hardship, our team have a range of support options to help you retain your health cover, until you get on your feet again.

Call us on 0800 123 642 to discuss options or visit our help centre.

Does my policy cover me for doctor and specialist appointments by video or phone?

It might not be possible to get in to see your doctor face to face.

Any GP or specialist consultations covered under our policies, can now be carried out via the phone, video or in-person. They will be covered in line with your policy terms and conditions.

What happens if my treatment is delayed or cancelled as a result of the recent weather events?

If your treatment is delayed or cancelled, your medical practitioner, specialist or surgeon will contact you to advise you on what the next steps are.

If your new treatment date is within 90 days from the pre-approval letter, no action is required. If it's outside the 90 days from the pre-approval letter, please call us on 0800 123 642 or email [email protected]