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Get Kids Active - Set A Good Example

12 Apr 2023

Get Kids Active - Set an example - get outside!

A survey from nib New Zealand and NeilsonIQ found that one in three parents are concerned about the level of physical activity their children are getting.

In fact, 54% of kids are doing less than the recommended one hour a day of activity. So, how can parents support their kids to be more active?

nib parenting expert and neuroscience director, Nathan Wallis, says the best way for parents to inspire their kids is to get out there and get active themselves.

“Suggest activities with friends like going swimming, learning to skate, or even just going to the park. It also makes it much easier if it’s part of your child’s routine, like an everyday walk,” he says.

Professional athletes like the Blues and nib Blues women know the importance of staying active and fit, for both physical and mental health.

Blues wing & midfield back Bryce Heem says that at the moment his kids are still quite young so things like bike riding and jumping on the trampoline are the main ways his kids keep active.

However, in the future he plans to do outdoor activities where he can involve his kids - things like surfing, that they can do all together as a family. The key is to instill those habits from a young age.

Nathan says it’s important to keep expectations realistic, however. Parents should plan things with their kids that they actually want to do.

“The emphasis needs to be on having fun,” he says.

Blues prop Josh Fusitu’a says when he’s doing something he loves, it doesn’t feel like a chore.

“It’s not something you have to do, it’s something that you want to go out and do.”

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