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First Aid of the future

18 Dec 2018

first aid of the future

First aid of the future:

Stop bleeding in seconds

Imagine an adhesive gel that supports the blood’s natural clotting process (haemostasis) and can stop major bleeding not in a matter of minutes, but seconds.

This exciting product was developed by 17-year-old American Joe Landolina while he was experimenting in the lab and it is already being used for animals and tested on people.

Thermometers turn up the heat

Two seconds is all it takes to get a highly accurate reading from the next generation of thermometers according to an article in [1], simply by holding the device up to one centimetre from the skin.

The range of these hi-tech thermometers is growing. Some, including this device by Withings (Nokia) – connects to your smartphone so you can record your temperature in the companion app. You can even use emojis to show how you’re feeling or view reports from other nearby users to see if you’ve maybe caught a potentially contagious bug.

Detect cardiac rhythms in a heartbeat

It is now possible to turn your smartphone into an ECG monitor, by using a device such as AliveCor. This gadget is advertised as providing clinical-grade readings of your heart rhythm in about 30 seconds. An accompanying app evaluates the readings and data can be sent to a hospital for diagnosis.

It is of course, always recommended to seek advice from your doctor or go to hospital in an emergency.

Modern doctor

Personalised prescriptions in 3D

Scientists at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed a way to use a 3D printer to create low cost pills according to an article published in The Strait Times [2] with customised doses and release rates (such as constant, increasing or decreasing). The pills are created depending on the patient's needs and will deliver a whole new level of convenience for people needing prescription medicine.

Transforming asthma management

Asthma sufferers could soon have a way to breathe a little easier, with the latest smart inhalers helping with more accurate medication doses and ingenious ways to monitor symptoms. One such gadget, the CareTRx inhaler, is described to wirelessly syncs to your smartphone through its companion app and can store your data. The app gives reminders and lets you know if you are over or under your prescribed dose. It is also a way for healthcare professionals to review the data for a high number of patients and track trends over time.


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Important things to know

Information correct as at December 2018