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14 August 2020
Nathan Wallis Q&A: Your parenting questions during lockdown
As Kiwi families face life in lockdown again, some parents and caregivers may be experiencing new (or familiar!) challenges with their tamariki (children). Our parenting expert Nathan Wallis shares his advice on how to tackle the most common issues.

31 July 2020
The easiest way to fill your script - online
In a world where you turn to Google for almost everything, going online for your prescription medicine seems only natural.

25 June 2020
Flu vaccinations in 2020 – what you need to know
Director-General of Health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, is urging New Zealander’s to get the flu vaccine in 2020. Influenza is more than just a bad cold. Flu vaccines can protect us against the dangers of this virus. We’ve answered some of your most common questions, below.

12 March 2020
MIGS: The New Revolution in Glaucoma Surgery
nib health insurance covers Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) in Standard Hospital and Premium Hospital policies.

02 March 2020
Where traditional workplace wellbeing programmes fall short – and what you can do about it
Popular traditional approaches to wellbeing can often fall short, so what can organisations do to address those challenges?

23 December 2019
How to break up with your bad habits?
If you know something is bad for you, why can’t you just stop? Kicking bad habits to the kerb is not an easy task, but not impossible either.

23 October 2019
Tech hacks to make life a little easier
Looking for ways to make everyday life a little less tricky and your daily routines simpler? These popular mobile apps could be just what you need.

23 October 2019
5 reasons Kiwis use an online direct delivery pharmacy service
Jill’s is not the only story that will inspire you to make the switch to an online direct delivery pharmacy service.

29 August 2019
Tech that can help you manage your health today
In this ‘anytime, anywhere’, ‘always-on’, ’there’s an app for that’ information age, the opportunity for digital health management has never been easier.

25 July 2019
Do children need to wear sunglasses?
Sunglasses are so much more than an adorable fashion accessory for kids. Slathering your child with sunscreen and popping on a hat is standard practice for many parents. But, do your children wear sunglasses and have you ever wondered if they need to? The answer is yes. So let’s look at some ‘eye-opening’ facts as to why they should:

25 July 2019
Some of the biggest flu vaccine questions answered
When the flu can hit you like a bus and leave you out of action for weeks, it’s best to be prepared. So if you didn’t get the flu jab this winter, you might be curious why it’s so important.

16 July 2019
New Zealand wellness retreats for a healthy holiday
Feel like you might need a break from everyday life? If so, have you ever considered hitting the restart button at a rejuvenating health and wellness retreat? We sure have.

09 July 2019
nib parenting survey: NZ parents’ big concerns in raising children
We’re excited to release insights from our inaugural State of the Nation Parenting Survey, taking a comprehensive look into the concerns and trends facing parents in New Zealand today.

08 July 2019
Dealing with your child’s anxiety around exam time
50% of parents with children between Years 9-10 thought their child felt at least a moderate amount of stress around school assessments.

08 July 2019
How to manage your child’s social media and screen time
Technology, social media and digital devices are now part of our everyday lives – but how is all this screen time affecting family relationships?

08 July 2019
Child Mental Health: Tips for NZ Parents
“Mental health” is among New Zealand parents’ biggest concerns. This article highlights many of the resources available.

08 July 2019
When and how to have the sex talk with your kids
‘The birds and the bees’ isn’t always the most comfortable chat to have with your kids, but it’s an important part of life and a critical part of preparing them for the future.

08 July 2019
Parent Resource: Making the most of quality time with your kids
Parenting can often be a 24/7 job. So, when you have a multitude of other things to juggle (whether that's work, friends, health and fitness, or “me time”) on top of spending time with the kids, how does that impact our perceptions of how well we’re parenting?

27 June 2019
7 things you could do with nib Standard and Premium health insurance cover (but probably don’t)
If you only look at your nib health cover when you have to make a medical or hospital claim, you could be missing out.

25 June 2019
Baby steps – tips for first-time parents
When it comes to being a first-time parent, the age-old adage ‘expect the unexpected’ probably sums it up best. While we’re all different and everyone eventually develops their own style of parenting, there’s one thing all parents have in common – when the baby first arrives, it’s all new for both of you.

30 May 2019
How to claim
Whether you have health insurance for everyday things that help you stay healthy, like seeing the dentist or physio, or have more comprehensive hospital cover for ‘just in case’, it’s good to know that with nib, your health cover is there when you need it. So if you do need to use your cover, we’re glad we can support your better health – and we want to make it easy for you to claim (it’s how it should be).

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