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Top 5 Reasons Kiwis Prefer Online Pharmacy

23 Oct 2019

Using an online pharmacy in New Zealand

5 reasons Kiwis use online pharmacy for direct delivery

Jill† swapped an hour of negotiating rural roads to get to her nearest pharmacy store to ordering her prescription medicines from her mobile. Now, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jill’s is not the only story that will inspire you to make the switch to an online direct delivery pharmacy service.

“An online direct delivery pharmacy reaches places a traditional store can’t.”

Jill† could not have asked for anything more than her prescription medicines being delivered to her doorstep. Living in a rural area, south of Auckland, Jill’s† normal ‘pharmacy run’ could take well over an hour of negotiating rural roads. The trip seems even longer on cold winter days. Making the switch to ZOOM Pharmacy and getting set-up via the app was quick and simple. 24 hours after placing her order, Jill’s† medicines arrived at her door.

“I couldn’t have asked for more,” says Jill†. “Now I have time to do many other things instead of driving a long distance to get my prescription medicines.”

“The savings are the icing on the cake.”

Karen† is on an unfunded prescription medicine (not subsidised by the government), which she pays for from her own pocket. Shopping around for the best deal was common practice for Karen, to try and find the pharmacy with the best deal. Then ZOOM Pharmacy came along.

“ZOOM changed everything by offering the best price for the medicines I needed,” says Karen†.” Plus, she saves time, fuel and parking costs by getting her medicines delivered to her workplace – nicely packaged in a discreet box.

“Patient care gets a boost.”

A South Auckland GP is appreciative of the supporting role online repeat prescription pharmacy services such as ZOOM Pharmacy play in patient care. “When ZOOM reminders started going out to our patients, we found more of them presenting in time for their repeat prescription and not missing their regular dose.”

“What’s even more impressive is how carefully ZOOM pharmacists review prescriptions. We once had a case where a specific contra-indication was picked up by a pharmacist, who alerted the GP and an alternative suggested – that’s patient care at its optimum.”

“ZOOM doesn’t let me forget.”

Having undergone a surgery and requiring pain medication, Kim† finds it difficult to stay on top of her prescription medicines and know how many days’ supply is left.

“With ZOOM, it’s easy,” says Kim†. “A ZOOM pharmacist contacts me 10 days before I run out of my medicines, helping me organise the next prescription so I never run out.” Where previously pick-ups from pharmacy added another layer of complexity to Kim†, ZOOM Pharmacy ironed out the issues with home delivery – all packed up in a discreet box.

“Claiming insurance is simple.”

If you’ve opted for the security of a private health cover with nib, you’re entitled to claiming your prescription costs depending on your chosen plan and its benefits. “With ZOOM, this is all just a breeze. Simply take a photo of your ZOOM receipt and send it via your nib app to claim – all done, in a few taps of the phone,” says John†.

Download convenience

If it’s becoming a chore and making you skip getting your repeat prescription, it is time to consider switching to an online repeat prescription direct delivery pharmacy. Get started on your journey of medical convenience – at an affordable price – by downloading the ZOOM Pharmacy app.

Names changed to protect the privacy of patients.