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The easiest way to fill your script - online

31 July 2020
The easiest way to fill your script - online

Online pharmacies - why they're worth it

You may live in a rural area with no pharmacy nearby, have limited access to transportation, or be simply unable to get to a pharmacy to get your prescription medicines. And even if you physically can make it to a pharmacy, let’s face it, making the trip can be inconvenient and sometimes just difficult to fit around work and life.

This is why online or virtual pharmacies are used by consumers around the world – it’s convenient. Similar to uber eats, ordering your next prescription medication with your smartphone and getting it delivered can make life that little bit easier – who doesn’t want that?

For Kiwis there’s ZOOM Pharmacy. Download the app, submit your script and get your medicine delivered to your door.

Convenience is the biggest, but not the only reason, to ditch the traditional way of getting your medicine. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider going digital:

1. Not taking prescription medicines can be a costly affair.

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in the United States 30 to 50 per cent of chronic disease treatment failures occur due to non-adherence of prescription medication. If a visit to the pharmacy to collect your medicine is coming in the way of keeping on top of your prescription – you need to consider change. ZOOM keeps track of your medicine and reminds you when it is running low. One tap of ZOOM can request and co-ordinate a repeat prescription with your GP.

And if you’re the forgetful kind, the free ZOOM app takes care of you by reminding you when it is time for your next dose.

2. It’s personal.

Worried about the loss of that ‘personal touch’ that a visit to your pharmacy brings? ZOOM resolves this with a dedicated pharmacy team to help you with any questions.

3. Information at your fingertips.

The ZOOM app contains simple and clear information on your medicines, including how to take them, possible side effects - everything you need to know, all sitting on your phone for quick and easy reference 24/7.

4. It’s cheap.

If you’re about to organise your prescription, ask your GP clinic to fax your script to ZOOM Pharmacy. Normal prescription charges apply, with free shipping for three or more items - a $5 shipping fee may apply for one-two items.

Better yet, if you’re covered with nib Everyday cover your prescription is covered under the ‘Pharmaceutical prescriptions’ benefit (limited up to a $350 annual benefit limit for Standard Everyday cover or $500 for Premium Everyday). Just snap a photo of the receipt and submit your claim with the nib app once your meds arrive.

5. It’s safe.

Your information is kept private and secure. And packaging is discreet with no pharmacy identifier.

How do you get started? Download the ZOOM app and follow the prompts.

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