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Tech Life Hacks: Make Life Just That Little Bit Easier

23 Oct 2019

Over 50 female smiles at the postman after being handed their online order after reading about tech life hacks

1. Improve your wi-fi signal

There are few things as annoying as seeing a constant buffer signal on your device. The free WiFi Analyzer app comes to the rescue by helping you get connected to the nearest (and most stable) WiFi connection. If your home network is a bit flakey, WiFi Analyzer can help by providing optimal channels to use in order to avoid interference with other networks.

2. Order your meds online You don’t have to visit a pharmacy to pick up your medicines or try to stay on top of all your repeat prescriptions if you don't want to. There’s an app that organises all your repeats for you, then delivers your prescriptions meds straight to your door – ZOOM Pharmacy app. It’s free to download and even sends you reminders when it's time to take your meds. No more queuing at pharmacy, no more running out of meds.

3. Banking anywhere, anytime

No need to rush to a bank branch, ATM or even log into a desktop; thanks to the bank apps you can get almost all your banking done on your smartphone.

4. Scooter it

It’s the latest and greenest way to get around Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin – Lime electric scooters. Make sure you’ve got the app to find the nearest Lime scooter near you and start your ride.

5. Groceries sorted from the palm of your hand

No more crying toddlers jumping out of supermarket trolleys, forgetting to get the most important item on your shopping list or standing in long check-out queues on a weekend. The new age of online grocery shopping is certainly the done thing to get your weekends back. Depending on your preferred local, download Click & Collect (Pak'nSave), I Shop New World or MyCountdown.

6. Never miss a bid

A Kiwi staple … make sure you download the TradeMe app to always stay across your listings and make the right bids, at the right time.

7. Travel with ease

Manage your travel, get the best deal, check in, view flight alerts and even order a coffee from the koru lounge - the Air New Zealand app lets you do it all. Whether you’re a frequent traveller or not, this is a handy app to download to help plan your next trip.

8. Stay on top of your money

Track where your money is going with Pocketbook’s powerful computing software. It helps you plan your finances better with simple taps and swipes.