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What am I covered for?

Find out what your plan includes and any exclusions you may have.

Find out what you’re covered for in three simple steps:

  1. Search using either the name of your health insurance plan or by filtering on the year your cover started and/or how you bought it
  2. Select your plan to see general information about what the plan covers, what it doesn’t cover and the terms and conditions that apply
  3. Check your personal documents to find out who is covered and any special conditions that may apply

e.g. Standard Everyday Cover, Ultimate Health...


What year did your cover start? e.g. 2015
How did you buy your health insurance plan?

Where do I find my personal documents?

You can find personalised information about your cover, such as who is covered, any special conditions that apply and how much your policy currently costs, on your Acceptance or Renewal certificate.

To read your Acceptance or Renewal certificate and Policy document, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to my nib, or open the nib app
  2. Select "My documents" or "Policy"
  3. Select the Policy document and Acceptance or Renewal certificate listed to view
Have more than one policy number? Simply repeat step 3 for each policy.

Understanding Hospital and Everyday health insurance

There are two main types of health insurance plans available: Everyday, which covers day-to-day healthcare, and hospital, to cover the big things. These may be combined, along with additional options for extra cover. Below are the most common benefit types we provide.


This covers your day-to-day health costs, like visits to the dentist, GP or physio. With most policies you can claim back 60% or 80% of eligible costs for each member covered, up to your annual limits1.


Part of most hospital plans, this covers out of hospital health costs, like seeing a specialist or surgeon for a consult, or diagnostic investigations 2. Search to find your Policy document or log in to my nib or the nib app to check the amount you can claim up to for each member covered every policy year3.


This covers the big health costs like surgery or cancer treatment. Search to find your Policy document or log in to my nib or the nib app to check the amount you can claim up to for each member covered every policy year3.


There are a range of additional policy options for many hospital plans that add extra cover, including non-PHARMAC, specialist, or a serious condition lump sum. If your policy has options available, they will be listed in the Policy document.

1Plans vary. To find out your specific benefit limit, check your Policy document in my nib.

2Not all hospital plans have Outpatient cover (consultations or treatments that you don’t need to stay in hospital for). To find out your specific policy benefits, check your Policy document in my nib.

3Up to the benefit limit, subject to any excess payable and in line with your policy terms and Acceptance certificate.

Who is covered on my policy?

Your latest Acceptance or Renewal certificate shows who is insured. You can view this in my nib or the nib app. The Policyowner(s) is the main account holder, who can add cover for a partner, dependent child, parent or grandchild. You can find out how to add or remove people by checking your Policy document or by getting in touch with us via our online form.