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7 unique benefits of nib health insurance

27 Jun 2019

7 Things nib cover can do for you

7 things you could do with nib Standard and Premium health insurance cover (but probably don't)

Already have cover with nib?

In addition to peace of mind, potentially shorter waiting times and protecting yourself against the unexpected, nib health cover has a number of other benefits you might not be making the most of. From prescription glasses to major surgeries, you will be pleased with the benefits an nib policy can have.

We’ve outlined a few benefits of nib health insurance covers you wouldn’t want to look past.

The below benefits apply to Standard and Premium Everyday and Private Hospital covers.

Exclusions, waiting periods, benefit limits, excess payable, and full policy terms and conditions apply - so ensure you check your policy documentation for more details.

1. Braces, adjustments, consultations.

Orthodontics can get pricey pretty quickly.

As part of nib’s Everyday cover, this treatment is covered along with a host of dental benefits up to $1,000^ every policy year.

Girl with braces

2. Gym and sports bonus.

No claims for a continuous two year period on your Private Hospital cover?

At nib we believe in rewarding good health. That’s why we reward no claims with a benefit (up to $300**) which can be claimed towards a gym or sports club membership, or even the purchase of sports/ fitness equipment from a sporting retailer.

3. Mental health consultations.

Dealing with workplace stress, anxiety, depression or any mental health issues can be hard enough.

nib’s Everyday cover gives you a helping hand by covering the cost of consultation by a recognised psychologist or psychiatrist (up to $350 with Standard or $500 with Premium per year^).

4. Acupuncture and remedial massages.

One of the most popular streams of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is a go-to for many with chronic pain, hypertension, joint osteoarthritis, etc.

Or perhaps you’re in need of a remedial massage for stress or pain. With nib’s Everyday cover you can access the Therapeutic Care treatment which includes benefits for acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and remedial massage by nib recognised providers - covered up to $150 with Standard or up to $300 with Premium per year.

5. Get travel vaccinations.

Don’t let your dream holiday turn into a total disaster by avoiding vaccinations when recommended before you head overseas.

Good news is that these can be covered - up to $150 with Standard or $300 with Premium per year with your nib Everyday cover.

6. See the doctor after hours, anywhere.

If you’re a busy parent or someone working a tight schedule, you’ll appreciate the luxury of visiting a GP outside standard hours or even at a location other than your registered clinic.

Your nib Everyday cover can include doctor visits up to a yearly maximum of $350 with Standard cover or $500 with Premium cover.

7. Travel and accommodation benefits.

You could be a parent supporting your child’s (under 20) health treatment in a location away from home (must be more than 100km from place of treatment).

Or you may need a support person when you are undergoing surgery or other medical treatment. Maybe you need to travel and stay away from your home for treatment.

Travel and accommodation costs (up to $5,000**) for yourself and your support person are covered with nib’s Standard or Premium Private Hospital cover (if you are receiving treatment), or covered in your child’s Private Hospital cover (if your child is receiving treatment).

Whether you need to get in shape, need a treatment or keen to improve your overall wellbeing, nib’s policies can be combined to fit your unique needs and ensure maximum benefit. Even some pre-existing conditions are covered after a three year waiting period.***

If you’re keen to know more, call today and we can help.

Important things to know

^ Benefit limits based on Everyday Cover. Please read full terms of this policy here.

** Benefit limits based on Private Hospital Cover. Please read full terms of this policy here.

*** You won’t be covered at any time for pre-existing conditions that relate to the following conditions: cardiovascular, cancer, hip or knee, back, transplant, surgery, reconstructive or reparative surgery. See your policy document for a full list. Information correct as at June 2019.