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The Complexities Of Raising Teenage Girls & Boys

17 Feb 2023

Raising Teen Boys

The teenage years are often tricky to navigate for teens and adults alike. The adolescent brain undergoes a massive shift in neurological development, which can result in irrational behaviour, heightened emotions, self-centred decision making and communication barriers.

All of these feelings, actions and emotions are normal. As a parent, these adolescent years can often test your patience, however there are many ways to try and connect with your child and avoid some heated arguments.

Learning how to manage this behaviour, identify and redirect common points of miscommunication, and help establish your teen’s sense of independence are useful tools in when it comes to parenting throughout these (sometimes turbulent) years.

For some practical advice for raising teens, we’ve enlisted the help of our resident parenting expert, Nathan Wallis, to share his insights on navigating the adolescent years.

Nathan Wallis is a Neuroscience Educator, nib health insurance parenting expert and regular media commentator. He hosts sold-out learning events for parents up and down the country (and abroad), talking to different stages of child development – including the first 1000 days - and how parents can support their children in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.