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We offer a range of insurance options to give you peace of mind that you have support when you need it.

Find the right cover for you

Health insurance

Make it easier to manage your health and get the care you need, when you need it.

Employer health insurance

Improve wellbeing in your workplace with tailored health cover solutions.

Life and living insurance

Protect your lifestyle if you can’t work anymore and your loved ones if you pass away.

Travel insurance

Get the support you need in case something goes wrong on your adventures.

Why insurance is worth it

Sometimes things don't go as expected. But having health insurance can help us tackle unforeseen circumstances. We're used to insuring our cars and homes, but what about our health? Health is your greatest asset and should be protected to ensure you can live a healthier, happier life.

Having health insurance means you:

Are ready for the unexpected

You and your family have more choice in getting treatment when you need it.

Have peace of mind

Knowing you have cover means you can focus on getting well.

Secure your future

Your costs for approved private treatment are reduced so your health can get the help it needs, meaning less time off work and less financial worry about healthcare bills.

Here's why nib is a great choice for you

Easy to use and easy to claim

Manage your health cover wherever you are with my nib and the nib app, whether it’s making a claim or contacting us to make a change to your cover.

Support and tools to better manage your health

Eligible members can improve their health through our Health Management Programmes for conditions like joint pain, heart health, or cancer treatment*.

Our members come first

We help our members navigate their health and wellbeing journey.

*View how to register and the eligibility criteria of the programmes.

nib members

Katie’s story:

“I had just literally finished a half marathon the weekend before I was diagnosed.” When fit and healthy mum Katie received a shock breast cancer diagnosis, her nib insurance eliminated one major stress from the whole situation.