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Managing your cover and claims is easy with nib

12 Mar 2024

nib nz app

Simply download the app here:

Download the nib app from the apple store Download the nib app from Google Play

We want to help make your health journey simple. That’s why our nib app is there for you.

Making self service simple

The nib app makes it easy to connect with nib. Log in and you can:

  • Request a pre-approval
  • Make a claim
  • Check in on your current claims
  • Ask us questions
  • View your cover details
  • Update your personal or payment information
  • Complete your own health check

Check in on your own health and wellbeing journey

We also want to help you understand the importance of preventative healthcare and your overall wellbeing. Health Check is a simple, quick survey within the nib app which asks you a series of health-related questions to help identify areas where you may need extra health support. Once you complete it, you’ll be given some personalised, evidence-based insights on health behaviours, lifestyle choices, emotional wellbeing, and preventive health. You’ll also get recommendations on the next steps you can take to help improve your health. And don’t worry — your survey answers aren’t used to determine your eligibility for insurance cover or your premium.

Get started now You can download the updated nib app from the apple store here or Google Play here.