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Personalised Support For Aneurysm Diagnosis

24 Aug 2023

Personalised support for an overwhelming aneurysm diagnosis

While being treated for seizures at the hospital, Katrina was unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. The sudden diagnosis left her feeling overwhelmed and unsure what the next steps were. Being a nib member for the past four years, Katrina turned to us for guidance, and we connected her with one of our qualified Wellness Coaches Rebekka.

“Rebekka was wonderful. She definitely helped me out emotionally. We did a Zoom call, and she went step by step and showed me what I needed to do, and where I needed to go,” says Katrina.

For many people who suddenly find themselves at a crossroads with their health, navigating the healthcare system and understanding their treatment options can feel daunting. Our Wellness Coach was able to guide Katrina through the possible courses of action while offering ongoing personalised support.

Katrina was extremely grateful that her nib cover meant she could access Wellness Coaching support during her brain aneurysm diagnosis, and she had someone by her side every step of the way to help her reach her health and wellness goals.

“(Rebekka’s) been really knowledgeable. She’s guided me through the whole experience with my health. I would not have done it without her,” adds Katrina.

At nib, we’re passionate about empowering our members to take control of their health and wellbeing and this includes providing the right tools and resources.

Our Wellness Coaches are registered nurses that provide personalised care and support to our members throughout their health journey. This might be helping to navigate the sometimes complicated healthcare system, helping members get easier access to the care they need or providing expert health advice and support in making positive lifestyle changes.

To find out whether you may be eligible for one of our Health Management Programmes or whether one of our Wellness Coaches might be able to help you, visit

This testimonial reflects the experience of this nib member. It’s been edited in length to be used on different media platforms.