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nib foundation welcomes first Kiwi charities to support future health

24 Feb 2022

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Three New Zealand organisations dedicated to empowering Kiwi young adults to make smarter health choices have received over $128,000 in funding from nib foundation’s new Health Smart Grants programme.

nib foundation Executive Officer, Amy Tribe, said the foundation is thrilled to partner with Clearhead, the University of Otago and Youthline, who are each doing their part to reach our rangatahi (youth and young adults) and help prevent long-term health problems.

“Chronic health conditions account for 80% of all deaths in New Zealand, yet we know over a third of these are caused by modifiable risks that can be reduced or avoided. Through these partnerships we aim to help Kiwis better understand these risks and the positive lifestyle changes they can make every day to live longer and healthier lives,” Mrs Tribe said.

The charities will use digital platforms to deliver innovative programmes and educational campaigns targeted at youth and young adults on topics such as mental health and wellbeing, and harmful alcohol consumption.

“We intentionally partnered with charities who were eager to use digital platforms to reach their target audience so that more people are provided the opportunity to keep on top of their health,” Mrs Tribe said.

“For example, our funding will support Clearhead to develop a digital tool via their online platform to help young adults find their purpose in life. This is in response to data collected from their users which revealed loneliness and a lack of purpose are the two leading causes of psychological distress among young people,” she added.

Meanwhile, the University of Otago will use the funding to build on the findings of their Youth2000 Series Survey and address harmful drinking in young people through a series of evidence-based webinars and online fact sheets to influence community-level action.

“Another significant contributor to chronic disease and health loss in New Zealand is alcohol and harmful drinking, and these risky drinking behaviours often begin early on in high school,” Mrs Tribe said.

“That’s why we’re supporting the University of Otago to develop these resources that we hope will influence policymakers, programme developers, and those who work with young people to better educate the community on alcohol harm and reduce long-term health impacts,” she added.

nib foundation’s 2022 New Zealand Health Smart partners are:

  • Clearhead NZ - Digital tool for finding life purpose
  • University of Otago NZ - Reducing Alcohol Harm in Young People
  • Youthline - Empowering young New Zealanders to support their own wellbeing and build resilience

To learn more about nib foundation and the Health Smart programme visit