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Exercise Facts For Kids: What Parents Need To Know

03 Apr 2023

  • 56% of parent’s unaware kids need at least one hour of exercise daily
  • 32% of parents are concerned about their kids’ activity levels
  • 37% say it’s hard to motivate kids to be active
  • 40% report they are time poor when it comes to managing kids and exercise

One in three parents are concerned about their kids’ levels of physical activity and 54% of Kiwi kids are doing less than the recommended one hour of exercise daily, prompting health insurer, nib New Zealand to team up with the Blues to talk about the importance of Kiwi kids getting active outdoors.

nib’s resident parenting expert, Nathan Wallis, will also provide advice for parents who want to motivate their kids to get stuck in, outside.

The nib and NielsenIQ survey also revealed the challenges parents face when it comes to getting their kids active outdoors. Over a third feel it’s hard to motivate their child to be active (37%) and 2 in five (40%) say it’s hard to find the time to ensure their children get enough physical activity each day. On the flipside, more than half (54%) feel they are good role models when it comes to physical activity.

As professional athletes, the Blues and nib Blues know better than most the physical and mental health benefits of an active lifestyle. A fun and educational video series will be released across nib’s channels, featuring Dalton Papalii (captain), Bryce Heem and Josh Fusitu'a from the Blues, and Ruahei Demant (2022 World Rugby Player of the Year) and Eloise Blackwell from the nib Blues squad. The players reminisce about their own childhood games, how sport strengthened their self-esteem and relationships, and how they like to get active with their own families or students.

Blues Chief Executive Andrew Hore says: “It’s concerning to see that many Kiwi kids are not getting enough physical activity and we hope our players can act as positive role models to encourage kids to get out and have fun being active.”

nib's resident parenting expert and neuroscience educator, Nathan Wallis delves into the importance of exercise for child development, physical health and overall wellbeing. He also provides advice for parents to motivate their kids to get active and ways to overcome barriers like time and financial restraints.
Rob Hennin, nib Chief Executive, says that this initiative holds an important message about supporting Kiwis’ better health from a young age.

“Physical activity and grassroots sport have numerous health and wellbeing benefits, and it’s important to instil these habits from childhood. When we focus on better health outcomes for our children, it will have positive impacts on the wellbeing of the whole whānau,” Mr Hennin said. “Our research found that on average, over half of Kiwi kids (54%) are doing less than the recommended one hour of physical activity per day. But it’s encouraging to see that most parents feel like they’re good role models for their kids and we’re excited to empower even more families to take a proactive approach to their health. It’s never too early to start your health journey,” he said.

To further encourage Kiwi kids to get active outdoors nib is proud to announce the return of the Little Legends $10K relay, with registrations set to open in April. For more on this and to check out the video series featuring the Blues, nib Blues and Nathan Wallis, keep an eye on nib New Zealand’s social media channels.

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