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What is it?

When your client is visiting New Zealand, or is seeking to stay permanently but is not eligible for publicly funded healthcare given visa or residency requirements, offer them peace of mind with Medical and Travel Insurance from OrbitProtect.

Whether staying in New Zealand for three days or up to 12 months you can ensure your client has quality protection made to fit their budget and lifestyle.

What Medical and Travel Insurance options are available?

Experience NZ Insurance

  • For all visa types and for families
  • Choose from Prime or Lite options

International Student Insurance

  • For international students only
  • Choose from Prime or Lite options

Working Holiday Insurance

  • For holders of working holiday visas¹ only

¹Or you can upgrade to one of the Experience NZ Insurance options

What do you do next?

Please provide the following details and then click the button below to find, and apply for, the OrbitProtect plan most suited to your client’s needs.

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