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We’re planning to amalgamate into one

30 Nov 2023

nib amalgamates into one business

What does amalgamation mean?

Amalgamation refers to the process of merging or consolidating two or more companies. Our health insurance company ‘nib nz limited’ and our life and living insurance company ‘nib nz insurance limited’ will be combining to form one single company known as nib nz limited.

Why are you amalgamating your businesses?

The purpose of this amalgamation is to streamline and simplify the business structure to enhance efficiency and customer service for our members.

Does this have any impact to me as a member?

If your policy is currently held by nib nz limited nothing will change for you. However, if your policy is held by nib nz insurance limited, it will change to nib nz limited. The only change you may see as a member is to the name of your insurer on your policy, your renewal certificates and on your bank statements.

Will this change impact my insurance cover?

No, amalgamation will make no difference to the benefits, terms and conditions of your insurance cover with nib.

How can I provide feedback or ask any questions?

Please email any questions or feedback relating to the amalgamation to [email protected].