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Our Innovative Online Application Tool For Advisers

16 Aug 2019

nibAPPLY sample screen

We've developed a new online application tool, nibAPPLY, that will make it faster and easier for advisers to deliver health insurance solutions for their clients.

The electronic application will be accessible via our Adviser Access portal and will significantly reduce the time it takes for advisers to complete, submit and receive a cover decision on their client health insurance applications - making it simpler for Kiwis to get private health insurance protection fast.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Rob Hennin, said the new tool is part of our commitment to supporting advisers and is underpinned by its ongoing focus on innovation.

“We’ve made the client join experience fun, fast and easy through dynamic questions and automated real-time underwriting and decisions that are all done online, removing the need for paper-based application forms,” Mr Hennin said.

“The interactive, easy-to-use tool will significantly reduce the processing times of health insurance applications. By the end of the year, we expect up to 80% of applications to be accepted in real-time, resulting in immediate health cover for the majority of our clients,” he added.

The launch of nibAPPLY follows the introduction of nib’s enhanced adviser distribution model, which works closely with advisers to help ensure their clients have health cover that protects them and their families.

“Our advisers are a crucial part of our business and we value their support and feedback. Our recent Health Comes First seminars - where we introduced advisers throughout the country to our enhanced adviser distribution model and new dedicated adviser support team - proved to be hugely successful,” Mr Hennin said.

“We always welcome the opportunity to engage with advisers first-hand. In fact, nibAPPLY was developed in a design-led approach with input from both clients and advisers, to ensure the capabilities of the application would address their needs and provide a user-friendly experience,” he said.

Advisers who are enrolled to the nib Adviser Access portal will have access to nibAPPLY from 22 August. Advisers can register to use the portal by emailing [email protected]

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