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Next Generation Health Cover For A Changing Face Of Nz

08 Aug 2017

nib has adapted for the next generation of health cover

We've launched a new range of healthcare products designed to meet the changing demographics of an increasingly diverse New Zealand.

Our new health cover range has been customised to cater for the healthcare needs of the various ethnicities and family structures that constitute contemporary New Zealand.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Rob Hennin, said the refreshed product suite features enhanced everyday benefits and comprehensive hospital cover tailored for all Kiwis, from singles through to families.

"We understand that every customer is different which is why we’ve created health cover that satisfies a very diverse range of needs, benefits and budgets," Mr Hennin said.

"We've included medical benefits and cover specifically to cater for the healthcare needs of an increasingly diverse population including young and migrant families, particularly Chinese and Indian migrants," he added.

Reflecting our commitment to making health insurance easy to understand, easy to claim on and most of all good value, the new range offers simplified hospital and everyday cover options.

This will allow people to select their ideal health cover package to ensure they have the level of hospital and everyday health cover they need without paying for things they don’t," Mr Hennin said.

The new health cover range is part of what we call direct to consumer or DTC, which allows consumers to buy health cover directly, meaning they don’t need a financial advisor or won’t miss out if health insurance isn’t provided by their employer.

We became the first New Zealand health insurer to sell direct to the consumer four years ago with an innovative approach designed to meet the country’s growing healthcare needs.

"Keeping Kiwis healthy isn't cheap and is a heavy cost burden on the Government which funds about 80% of all health care costs in New Zealand, or more than 20% of its total Budget," Mr Hennin said.

"With more than 70% of New Zealanders living without private health insurance, there’s a real opportunity for private health insurers like nib to help make it easier to access healthcare - and in turn reduce the strain on public health spending," he added.

The new health cover range is available for new or existing nib customers, as well as customers from other insurers who are keen to try something different. For more information visit click here.

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