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Putting Health First: Blues Share Their Experiences

18 Jan 2023

We’re excited to launch the ‘In Your Corner’ series that showcases how nib Business Health Insurance supports employees to perform at their best, because knowing you have someone in your corner if your health takes a turn is crucial.

Who knows about dealing with health curveballs better than some of our Kiwi athletes? We’ve collaborated with our partner, the Blues, to share how nib Business Health Insurance through New Zealand Rugby Players Association gave their players peace of mind.

The video features the Blues’ own Harry Plummer, Karl Tu’inukuafe and Tom Robinson openly talking about what it meant to have nib in their corner when they faced health issues that put their sporting careers’ at risk. And, how getting the nib covered treatments they needed, quickly, helped them get back to playing the sport they love.

First Five-Eighth, Harry Plummer was told he needed a cardiac procedure, and thanks to his nib cover, he had treatment just three weeks later.

“When you think heart injuries, you think the worst, so I thought open heart surgery was probably what was going to happen and [my] rugby future was in a bit of jeopardy.”

“I looked at what the bill would’ve been and thought, wow. To be covered through nib is a bit of a blessing to have. That just gave me a bit of peace of mind that I don’t have to worry about the cover.”

Meanwhile, Prop, Karl Tu’inukuafe was experiencing shooting pains from a disc bulge in his spine to the point that he nearly had to hang up his boots and retire from professional rugby.

“Surgery was something I ended up doing because it was either that or I was done. My employer (New Zealand Rugby Players Association) went to nib and nib sorted it out for me. My family, my wife, they’re everything to me, and knowing what I’ve been through, it’s a really good thing to invest in because you never know what can happen.”

We provide Business Health Insurance for organisations, who, like the New Zealand Rugby Players Association, want to ensure their people are operating and performing at their best by putting their health first. We’re proud to back the Blues in many ways, but especially proud to know that nib cover makes them feel valued.

Blindside Flanker, Tom Robinson said that when he needed a gastroscopy, nib made the whole process a lot easier.

“Both your physical and your mental health is the most important thing, and your body is your money maker in this industry. I didn’t have to wait to go through the public system, I could go through someone private and get in quick.”

“I’d recommend the nib group cover to other businesses out there. As an employee, it makes you feel valued and that your business actually cares about you, and I think it shows a lot about [nib’s] character. It’s cool to have them on the jersey,” he adds.

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Look out for the ‘In Your Corner’ series across nib New Zealand channels.

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