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Supporting your staff through thick and thin

22 May 2020

nib Go! Magazine Issue 3 | Winter 2020
Download nib Go! Magazine Issue 3 | Winter 2020

In just a few short weeks, the way we live and work has changed dramatically.

Faced with the challenge of supporting staff through the uncertainty created by COVID-19, the majority of businesses around New Zealand have truly stepped up to the plate with efforts to promote their employees’ wellbeing.

And, as we look to the future, the importance of taking a strategic, considered and holistic approach to workplace wellbeing – encompassing mental, physical, emotional and financial - is only going to grow.

In this issue of nib Go magazine, we present expert insights from our partners at the EMA and New Zealand Cricket Players Association, who tackled some of your biggest workplace wellbeing challenges at this year’s Corporate Health and Wellbeing Summit.

We also welcome advice from our resident parenting expert, Nathan Wallis, for new parents transitioning back into the workplace – and hear from the team at Temuka Transport around the positive difference health insurance has made to their workforce.

Finally, we’ll offer up simple and practical tips for your staff, to help build positive health and wellbeing habits into their workday – from mindfulness, to nutrition, to exercise.

If you’d like to chat to us about the wellbeing of your team, give us a call on 0800 287 642 or email [email protected] – otherwise, you can find out more about our workplace wellbeing offer at