Basic Private Hospital Cover

Basic Private Hospital$4.95/week*

What is it?

Get the cover you need without paying an arm and leg for what you don't. Basic Private Hospital Cover provides cover for surgery and related hospital costs for conditions that commonly occur when you're in your 20's and 30's, like wisdom teeth, tonsils and sinus surgeries.

Don't let a health issue get in the way of you enjoying life! Get cover online today, with no paperwork, one price for everyone and automatic acceptance for all kiwis in just four easy steps.

Why is it worth it?

  • Easy sign up – no health questions at application
  • $200,000 surgical cover per person each year

What will I be insured for?

  • Conditions

  • Benefits

Covered conditions under this plan

The list of what is and is not covered by each nib cover is called the Hospital Category List (see insurance documents). To save your megabytes, we’ve tabled the details for Basic Private Hospital Cover below for you.

ACC top-up claims
Hernia, appendix
Anus, haemorrhoids
Oral (excluding orthognathic surgeries)
Unerupted and impacted teeth
Sinus, nose, ears
Ankle, elbow
Tonsils, grommets, adenoids
Skin lesion – GP
Skin lesion – specialist
Digestive tract, liver, kidney, pancreas, gall bladder
Breast, gynaecology, urology
Cancer surgeries and treatment
Shoulder, wrist
Varicose veins
Hip, knee
Brain, eyes, neck
Gland, vascular
Chest, back
Foot, toe, hands, fingers and thumbs
Non-surgical hospitalisation

Benefits of Basic Private Hospital Cover

These benefits apply to the conditions covered by Basic Private Hospital Cover (click on 'Covered conditions')
All benefit limits apply to each person on the policy (just in case you thought you'd have to share!)

Note: this is not the policy document. For all the legal bits, see the Basic Private Hospital Cover policy document under 'insurance documents'.

Surgery in a private hospital.
Includes costs for:
  • Surgeon’s operating fees.
  • Anaesthetist’s fees.
  • Intensivist’s fees.
  • Hospital accommodation (e.g. the admitted patient’s bed, a private room, excludes suites).
  • Operating theatre fees.
  • Surgically implanted prosthesis (in line with the prosthesis schedule).
  • Laparoscopic disposables.
  • In-hospital x-ray examination and ECG.
  • Intensive post-operative care and special in-hospital nursing.
  • In-hospital post-operative physiotherapy.
  • Ancillary hospital charges (e.g. dressings, sutures, needles, bandages).
  • In-hospital pharmaceutical prescriptions (in line with the PHARMAC Pharmaceutical Schedule A to G).

Click on 'what's covered' for the list of conditions this benefit applies to.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery in a private hospital performed by a registered oral or maxillo-facial surgeon.

We will cover for removal of unerupted or impacted teeth (e.g. wisdom teeth) when performed by a registered oral or maxillo-facial surgeon, or a registered dentist. A 12-month waiting period applies.

Cancer treatments
Follow-up Investigation for Cancer
ACC top up

For claims accepted by ACC, we cover the difference in cost between what ACC pays for a physical injury and the actual costs of surgery. A one-day waiting period applies.

Note: this benefit includes all ACC top up claims, whether or not it relates to one of the conditions covered by Basic Private Hospital Cover.

Specialist consultations

Covers registered specialist consultation, whether or not it relates to surgery.

We pay for three consultations each year.

Diagnostic investigations

Covers diagnostic investigation when requested by a GP or registered specialist, whether or not it relates to surgery.

We pay up to $4,000 each year.

Post-hospital physio

Physiotherapy consultation and treatment up to two months after surgery.

We pay up to $300 each year.

Post-hospital home nursing care
Travel and accommodation
Travel and accommodation costs for you and a support person when you need to travel further than 100km from where you live for surgery. We pay up to $500 each year.
Ambulance transfer
Road ambulance transfer from a public or private hospital to the closest private hospital .
Suspension of cover
After 12 months of continuous cover, you can put your cover on hold for up to six months due to unemployment, or up to 24 months for travel outside New Zealand.
Waiver of premium
Cover for the cost of premiums for a period of time if a policyowner dies.
Funeral support grant
We will provide a cash payment of $3,000 when an insured person dies between the age of 16 and 64 (inclusive), from any cause.
GP minor surgery

Skin lesion surgery performed by a GP, including one pre and one post consultation and any related biopsy.

We pay up to $750 each year.

Registered specialist skin lesion surgery
Varicose veins surgery
Non-surgical hospitalisation
Public hospital cash grant
Major diagnostics (not related to hospitalisation)
Parent accommodation
Post-hospital therapeutic care
Overseas treatment
Cover in Australia
Intravitreal eye injections
Loyalty benefit – sterilisation
Loyalty benefit – wellness
ACC Treatment Injury
Delayed Care
Medical misadventure
Pre-existing cover for newborns
Non-PHARMAC drugs
Premium waiver extension

Insurance documents