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Keeping the Temuka team trucking

04 May 2020

Temuka Transport is a family-owned trucking and logistics company, based in its namesake town just outside of Timaru. Founded over half a century ago, the business currently employs around five percent of the town’s population.

With an aging workforce, Managing Director Garry Aitken wanted to find a meaningful way to support the health and wellbeing of his 220-strong team.

In 2009, after exploring various options, Aitken found nib Group health insurance to be the perfect fit. Since then, staff have been covered by Temuka Transport’s group policy with nib (including pre-existing conditions), with cover also available to family for an additional cost.

Why private health insurance?

While Garry trusted his family of staff – most of which have been longstanding - he had begun to notice increased levels of absenteeism, often due to slow rehabilitation times after surgery.

“We found it was taking forever to get staff back on their feet. We’re lucky enough to have a loyal and trusting team, so I knew we needed to do more to support them,” says Garry.

“The partnership with nib has definitely helped to speed up recovery and it’s been great for us culturally as staff now have the confidence knowing they’re supported with private healthcare.”

Partners in health and wellbeing

Another major consideration for Garry was finding ways to encourage staff to be more proactive about their health and wellbeing.

“nib supported us with a wellbeing package, including an exercycle, and other bits and pieces - to motivate and get staff moving. nib really got inside our business and understood the requirements they needed to provide.

“The solutions they offered were well suited to our needs and the online portal has made the claims process really easy as staff have visibility over all their claims,” affirms Garry.

Mutual benefit

Rex Archibald, a Temuka Transport driver for over 13 years, says the benefits of offering health insurance to staff are twofold.

“I think it’s a good idea that employers offer health insurance for employees. It gives them peace of mind and I think the employer also probably has a bit of peace of mind knowing that their workers are going to be looked after and hopefully get back to work sooner,” says Rex.

After being diagnosed with cancer last year, Rex was able to claim the majority of his hospital and treatment costs through his nib insurance.

“With having private health insurance, it definitely sped up having my operation. Having health insurance with the help of Temuka Transport has absolutely eased my mind.”

Watch Rex's story here

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