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‘In Your Corner’ – New Zealand Cricket Players Association on empowering their pro Kiwi athletes with nib Business Health Insurance

28 Nov 2023

Looking after your team with nib Business Health Insurance

Heath Mills, NZCPA CEO, said they partnered with nib to make sure they had comprehensive private health insurance in place for their people when they needed it most.

“(nib’s) focus on wellbeing of people and care for people really marries up with what we’re about as an organisation, so from my perspective it’s a perfect fit. If we have cricket players and people who are well, they’re thriving in life, physically, mentally, then they’re going to put together better performances on the cricket field,” he says.

NZ professional cricketer, Kyle Jamieson, emphasises the significance of health insurance in the life of an athlete.*

“Having private health insurance through NZCPA and nib is just hugely important. To know you’ve got that backing and that your organisation cares about you as a person, I think is hugely beneficial.” he says.

When it came to his own injury, Kyle’s claim with nib was approved on the same day and within a week he was having surgery.

“The fact that it was done so quickly enabled me to start that rehab process sooner than I would have.” he adds.

Levelling the playing field with the NZCPA’s gender equality framework

nib is proud to back the NZCPA’s recent gender equality framework that levels the field for all players. As well as ensuring that female players are paid the same rate and receive the same support services as their male colleagues, all domestic female players now get access to nib private health insurance.

NZ professional cricketer, Lauren Down, says “having been a part of the women’s game for a long time now, it’s been extremely exciting and rewarding to see the new gender equality framework that’s in place.”

“To know now that everyone throughout the women’s playing space is covered and their health insurance is taken care of - having that kind of peace of mind is something that I value really highly.”

Earlier in the season, Lauren had an injury which needed specialist attention. Without her nib cover, it would’ve taken her much longer to get the treatment, rehab and recovery she needed.*

“I would absolutely recommend nib health cover to any other organisation or business. I'm just extremely grateful to have that relationship with them through the Cricket Players Association,” she adds.

We’re delighted to partner with NZCPA to help empower New Zealand’s best cricketers to perform at their best, just like we partner with many businesses throughout the country to help ensure their employees are well looked after.

Heath Mills adds, “nib have been fantastic - they’re there when we need them and we trust them entirely.”

nib is the chosen health insurance provider of many of Aotearoa’s top sporting organisations such as the New Zealand Cricket Players Association, the New Zealand Rugby Players Association, Netball New Zealand, Hockey New Zealand and High Performance Sport New Zealand. These organisations have chosen nib to provide their athletes with health cover through their respective employment agreements and the recommendation of their financial adviser, InsureYou Workplace.

Gema Hill of InsureYou Workplace, says that “nib’s willingness to understand and adapt policies to reflect the needs of the sports environment is a key driver for us as financial advisers”.

If nib Business Health Insurance could benefit your sports team or organisation, visit

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*This testimonial reflects the individual experience of these nib members. Any opinions expressed are those of the individual. Testimonial videos, and excerpts included in this article, have been edited in length to enable them to be used on certain media platforms. Exclusions, waiting periods, benefit limits, excess payable, and full policy terms and conditions apply to all cover under nib’s Business Health Insurance policies.