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Understanding your cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery with nib’s Cancer Care programme

28 May 2024

nib Cancer Care Programme

nib Cancer Care Programme

Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment can be a daunting journey, so having a robust support system can make all the difference. nib extends a helping hand to its members through one of its dedicated Health Management Programmes, nib Cancer Care.

Tailored to provide wide ranging support and guidance, the programme aims to empower members and their carers as they navigate the complexities of cancer treatment and recovery.

At the heart of the Cancer Care programme lies a commitment to offering personalised, one-on-one support to eligible members with a diagnosis of cancer. Whether it's providing education on treatment options, directing them to resources, or simply lending a listening ear, nib's dedicated team and experienced Wellness Coaches are there every step of the way.

nib Wellness Coach and registered nurse, Rebekka Costello says "Our role is not just to provide unwavering support and guidance but to serve as a complete health partner in our members' journey towards recovery. For those in the Cancer Care programme, we work together to hopefully ease their burden and offer them the reassurance they need during this difficult time."

The programme encompasses a range of services designed to address the diverse needs of individuals facing cancer:

  • Personalised support – Members receive one-on-one assistance to navigate the complexities of their diagnosis and treatment journey. This includes helping them understand their treatment and care options, what they’re entitled to, benefits of their nib cover, and guidance around the healthcare system.

  • Wellness coaching – Members are paired with a dedicated Wellness Coach who offers wrap-around guidance on improving their quality of life during treatment and recovery. These coaches are registered nurses and work to achieve better health and recovery outcomes for the members.

  • Free therapy and resources – A free membership with online mental health platform, Clearhead, where members can access the help they need by accessing mental health resources and providers via the digital booking system, as well as 3 free therapy sessions with a healthcare provider on Clearhead.

If you’d like to learn more about nib's Cancer Care programme and see if you’re eligible, visit: