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Tech that can help you manage your health today

29 Aug 2019

tech to help you manage your health

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Telemedicine lets you access healthcare services and manage your healthcare through your mobile, computer or other device. And, it’s more than just using a fitness and tracking app, telehealth enables you to take charge of your health, whether you’re waiting for a train or killing time on your lunch break.

For example, if you have diabetes, telemedicine could allow you to:

  • Use a mobile app to monitor your blood sugar levels, estimate your insulin level based on your diet and exercise level or help you stay on top of fitness.
  • See your test results online and schedule your next appointment through an online patient portal.
  • Stay on top of your of medications through online pharmacies, such as ZOOM.
  • Get reminders from your GP when it is time to schedule appointments, get a flu shot or other preventative care.
  • Use a medical alert bracelet to notify authorities of a medical emergency, should you need to. Emergency responders can even access your health records via your iPhone’s free Health App – information that could save your life in certain circumstances.

Telemedicine really makes personal health management easier.

Here are some technologies to get you started:

ZOOM Pharmacy

Get your prescription medicines delivered to your doorstep with ZOOM Pharmacy. It is perfect for those who find it challenging to collect their prescription due to location or ability, or those who simply prefer an online experience.

ZOOM’s free app allows you to get your prescription medicines couriered to you anywhere in New Zealand. Both non-funded and funded medicines can be delivered direct to your home or office door. The app can help you take your medicines regularly and correctly, with features such as daily reminders, repeat or refill alerts when your medication is running low and access to personalised medicine information. Shipping with ZOOM is free if you order three or more items – and if you’re covered with nib, it’s free until 31 December 2019 regardless of the number of items you ordered! And ZOOM Pharmacy offers best prices for medicines you pay extra for, so it’s very affordable*.

If you’re with nib, not only is ZOOM shipping free, but if you have a prescription benefit on your cover, claiming the cost of the prescription is simple too! Just take a photo of your receipt and submit it via the nib app. Pharmaceutical prescriptions up to $350 are covered annually under nib Everyday standard cover and up to $500 undernib Everyday premium cover annually.

Download the ZOOM Pharmacy app and start managing your medication from your smartphone.


Need to be seen by a qualified New Zealand GP quickly, without actually reorganising your day to see a doctor in person? Swiftmed lets you schedule an appointment online, ‘see’ a doctor via video chat on your mobile, tablet or desktop,get a sick note from the doctor or even organise to receive your medication from a preferred pharmacy.


Any medical emergency, or event (eg. lost prescription), is hard enough to deal with; harder still if you’re travelling overseas and far away from your preferred health practice. Heartbeat is an online service that enables you to access a secure copy of your Health Summary quickly. Your Health Summary contains the latest key records that provide a picture of your current medical condition and health status. In addition to providing crucial medical information when needed, the app makes travel insurance claiming more efficient and more secure.


This smart technology is placed in schools and daycares. Under the iMoko Programme, trained and approved people can conduct health assessments of common child health problems such as skin infections, dental infections, strep throat and head lice, among others. Cases are approved by a telehealth clinician and treatment in the form of medication prescriptions is sent back to parents and caregivers of children through the iMOKO™ Parent App.

As well as being able to receive barcoded prescriptions that families can present to a pharmacy, the iMOKO™ Parent App is a functional mobile patient portal where parents can access information held about their children.

Improving workplace health with technology


Need to consult a doctor but a visit to the clinic is just not possible or even required? If your workplace has signed up for it, you’ll have Doctor2Go at your service. This handy platform makes it possible to consult a GP, nurse or mental health professional via video conferencing.

This service can easily be added to your nib Group Health Package. For the company, it may reduce employee sick days spent visiting a GP or healthcare professional. For employees it brings convenience and timely healthcare advice. You can even have the prescription sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice.


Another workplace innovation from nib, myHealthHQ helps businesses plan, implement and measure employee wellness initiatives. This is completely customisable to fit any business and allows employers an insight into the health of their workforce and build a better brand with staff. Employees benefit from insights into their own health (through completing a health risk assessment), as well as regular recipes and tips on maintaining good health.

There’s a wide range of healthy options to go to …

Wearable technology such as health tracking devices, to an almost endless selection of apps, and even a transformation of the humble home first aid kit into one for the future - the healthcare system is evolving quickly. It’s efficient, more accurate and smarter. The question is, are you making the most of it?

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Information correct as at August 2019

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