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Best Activities For Kids To Help Get Them Moving

05 May 2023

Resources for Parents to Get Kids Active

A study from nib New Zealand and NeilsonIQ, found that 37% of parents say it’s hard to motivate their kids to be active.

Parents might be wondering what resources are available to give them ideas for activities and to help them inspire their kids to get stuck in, outside.

Nathan Wallis, nib parenting expert and neuroscience director says exercise is really important for child development, physical health and overall wellbeing, so if a love of being active can be instilled early, the child will be better off.

But often parents don’t know where to start - especially if they aren’t sporty themselves.

Nathan says the Sports New Zealand website has lots of articles and ideas for parents to tap into.

nib Blues Lock Eloise Blackwell, says the key is making whatever you do fun, and also, not leaving kids to do things by themselves - get involved!

“Make it like a team sport, a team game. Make it fun, competitive, and go from there,” she says.

Don’t forget about community groups, Facebook groups and sports clubs, says Nathan.

“Sports clubs will often advertise on Facebook. They’ll let you know their registration day and how to join a team. Playing a sport is really good for child development,” he says.

“Just ask the Blues.”

To read more about how to get kids active, visit: