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A visit to the dentist costs what?!

18 December 2018
Leave the dentist’s chair and the pain you feel can double by the time you hit reception. That filling costs how much?! Many have to grit their teeth at the sight of whopping dentist bills, but thanks to nib, preserving your pearly whites doesn’t have to break the bank.
A visit to the dentist costs what?!

Common procedure costs

Four common dental procedures and some average costs you might expect to pay without cover

Routine examination and x-ray

What is it? Typically includes a check-up of oral health, basic teeth clean, scale and polish as well as a regular x-ray.

Cost you can expect without cover: $120

Fillings (composite and amalgam)

What is it? Filling cavities (decayed part of a tooth) with a colour-matched preparation (composite) or metal blend (amalgam).

Cost you can expect without cover: $150-$320

Tooth removal

What is it? Removal of a tooth due to decay.

Cost you can expect without cover: $230 for single

Root canal

What is it? Drilling into the top of the tooth to clean, shape and fill the root canal.

Cost you can expect without cover: $740-$1,160


While costs vary across practices, the fees associated with dental care can often exceed expectation. That’s where insurance with nib comes in. With nib’s Premium Everyday cover, you can claim back up to 80% on these common dental procedures and more, subject to benefit limits. Now that’s something to smile about!

Skipping the dentist, the most expensive move

Avoid the dentist now (even if your teeth seem fine) and both your mouth and wallet could suffer later.

“If left, small problems can become big expensive ones. Attend a dentist and have a small hole detected and a small filling placed, or wait a year or two and let it become deep, painful and then abscessed and pay 10 times the cost for root fillings, or have the tooth extracted, and pay even more for replacement options.”- Dr David Crum, CEO of the New Zealand Dental Association.

Fast facts

Men: More likely to have untreated dental decay than women.

Men: More likely to have gum conditions than women.

5-11-year-olds: Almost one in five have untreated dental decay.

25-34-year-olds: 46.5% have untreated dental decay.

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