nib and TOWER Medical

Health insurance with nib

At the end of 2012, nib acquired TOWER Medical Insurance Limited (TOWER Medical), and in October 2013, nib was launched in New Zealand.

We’re New Zealand’s second largest health insurer, and are excited to offer Kiwis a new range of health insurance products that are easy to understand, easy to claim on and most of all good value.

Our customers can be confident in our knowledge and experience. Covering over one million people across the Tasman, nib has over 60 years’ experience in providing health insurance.

Welcome TOWER Medical policyholders

We’re very pleased to welcome everyone who has a TOWER Medical policy, to the nib family.

Whether you took out your TOWER Medical policy recently or some years back, there is no change to the terms of your policy and we’ll take care of everything else for you.

Please see the FAQ’s below for more information, or speak to your adviser. You are also most welcome to contact our call centre on 0800 123 nib (0800 123 642)0800 123 nib, or leave us your details and we will call you back as soon as we can.

FAQs for TOWER Medical policyholders

I have a TOWER health insurance policy – what should I do?
You don’t need to do anything and your policy continues automatically with nib. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and keep providing you with cover throughout. You don’t even have to change who you make your payments to. And you’ll continue to receive the same high standard of service as before.
What company name will appear on my bank statement?
There is no change to your premium frequency or amount due to the rebrand from TOWER Medical to nib. However, the company name you will see on your statement will now be nib nz limited.
Are there any changes to my policy?
No – the terms, conditions and cover limits of your policy remain unchanged.
Where can I get details of my policy?
Your Acceptance Certificate or Renewal Certificate (whichever is the most recent) details what your policy includes, who is covered on your policy and whether there are any exclusions on your policy.
Will I get an nib-branded policy document?
No – the terms and conditions in your TOWER branded policy document remain the same and continue to provide you with the same benefits and level of cover as before.
Does a change in ownership void my policy?
No – absolutely not, your policy terms remain unchanged.
Who do I call if I have any questions about my policy?
Please feel free to call us on 0800 123 nib (0800 123 642)0800 123 nib for more information, or speak to your adviser. You are also welcome to leave us your details and we will call you back as soon as we can.
Can I take out more health cover with nib?
Your current policy may already provide the right type and level of cover for your personal circumstances. To ensure your current cover still meets your needs, speak to your adviser or you are welcome to call us on 0800 123 nib (0800 123 642)0800 123 nib to help explain your choices.
Has the claims process changed?
No – your claims will continue to be processed in the same way. Our core business is paying claims and being there for you when you need us most. At the stressful time of making a claim or seeking pre-approval for a claim, we make sure the process is as hassle-free as possible. We aim to process claims within five working days of receiving the required information and we can provide pre-approval over the phone for some treatments or text you with confirmation. For help, please see our claims page.
Can my adviser still help me with my policy?
Yes – if you have an adviser, they will be able to help you in exactly the same way.