nib and OnePath

Welcome OnePath Medical policyholders

On 1 December 2015, nib acquired the OnePath medical business. After 1 December, OnePath managed your medical policy on behalf of nib while we transitioned the business across to nib. From 27 June 2016, nib has taken over all aspects of the day–to-day management of your policy.

We’re very pleased to welcome everyone who has a OnePath Medical policy, to the nib family.

We’re New Zealand’s second largest health insurer, and are excited to offer Kiwis a range of health insurance products that are easy to understand, easy to claim on and most of all good value.

Our customers can be confident in our knowledge and experience. Covering over one million people in New Zealand and Australia, nib has been providing medical insurance for more than 60 years.

Please see the FAQs below for more information, or speak to your adviser. You are also most welcome to contact nib directly on 0800 123 nib (642).

FAQs for OnePath Medical policyholders

How does this affect my policy?
Your policy remains in force with the same level of cover and the same benefits as you had when OnePath was your health insurer. We have made some amendments to your policy terms to confirm the contact details for your medical policy going forward. The amendment to your policy is enclosed with the welcome letter from nib, sent in June 2016. All of the other terms and conditions of your medical policy will continue to apply.
Will this affect the amount I pay in premiums?

For most customers, your premium will continue to be the same.

If you have life insurance products with OnePath, your premiums will be split so the life insurance component is paid to OnePath and the health insurance component is paid to nib.

For some customers there will be a small rounding change (up or down) to the premium payments. In most cases this will be only one or two cents for each premium payment for the current policy year.

How will this affect how I pay my premiums?

In most cases nib and OnePath have taken care of the work to transfer your medical insurance payments to nib.

If you pay by a method that requires you to transfer your medical insurance payments across to nib (e.g. cheque or Automatic Payment), this is detailed in your correspondence from us sent in June 2016.

How do I make a claim?

Before having any surgery, treatment or investigations we recommend you request pre-approval, so that you’ll know the procedure you require will be covered. For pre-approval or to make a claim, register for my nib at and follow the easy instructions.

You can also claim by email or post. For more information about making a health claim, head to

What happens if I have a claim in progress?
If you have a claim that is being processed, you don’t need to do anything. All open claims have been transferred to nib and there will be no interruption to the process for you. In many cases, you will still be dealing with the same claims consultant as they may now be part of the nib claims team.
Does this change affect my Adviser or Wealth Specialist relationship?
No. Your Adviser or Wealth Specialist will still be your point of contact for advice or information about your health insurance and life insurance.
What’s my nib policy number?
You now have a new policy number, noted at the top of your welcome letter or email. This is a handy reference when calling us or registering for my nib online.
Where can I get details of my policy?

Your Policy Schedule, Acceptance Certificate or Renewal Certificate (whichever is the most recent) contains information on what your policy includes, who is covered on your policy and whether there are any exclusions on your policy.

Register for my nib at to access information about the benefits covered by your policy, whenever you need.

Who do I call if I have any questions about the transition to nib?
Please feel free to call us on 0800 123 nib (642) for more information, or speak to your adviser.